Corporate Responsibility

Business ethics and Conduct

XYREC promotes an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance, exercising due diligence to prevent and detect unlawful conduct. A copy of our code of business ethics and conduct is made available to each employee and subcontractor engaged in executing contracts.

XYREC business ethics and conduct includes:

  • Being a responsible contractor to our customers, focusing on (i) maintaining the necessary level of experience, control and technical skills in the organization, (ii) maintaining financial resources adequate to perform contracts, (iii) on time delivery, (iv) having the necessary production and technical equipment facilities;
  • Promoting equal employment opportunity;
  • Compliance to anti-corruption regulation;
  • Maintaining the highest possible standards, independent of country of operation;
  • Respecting the countries effort to guard their national security and wherever possible do more than comply to import and export regulations.


XYREC cares for the environment, not only offering products and services that make businesses more sustainable, but also by making sustainable and ethical choices throughout our entire value chain and selecting our partners accordingly.

Our Robot Coating Removal Technology Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

We have investigated the carbon footprint for a typical depainting job for a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft at Amsterdam airport. The results show a clear advantage in carbon footprint for the LCR method, with up to three times less CO2 production.

Download the study here