Maintenance & Support

Process and Technical Support

Being dependent on new technology for key processes means that a thoughtfully and effectively defined maintenance and support process must be available. The first step is to understand the requirements for system uptime. Systems can be redundantly available, i.e. two or three systems per hangar, each capable of replacing the other. Equally important is the availability of key replacement parts, the instant availability of our helpdesk, the continuous remote monitoring of the systems, the possibility to predict issues and the quality of preventive maintenance. These can all be defined and agreed upon, to support customers in operation as needed.

Service Level Agreement

XYREC can provide its customers with a service level agreement based on the requirements of the specific situation.

Servicing and Maintenance Packages

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First Line Support

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On-site Service

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Spare Parts Availability

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Preventative/Predictive Maintenance (Cloud Monitoring)

The systems can be monitored and controlled remotely when a secure internet connection is available. The technology provides extensive log data to predict errors, correct errors and implement changes. All information can be securely logged and archived for later analysis.

Customer Service Contacts Worldwide

XYREC operates a 24/7 available helpdesk. For support on specific equipment, such as the laser system, regional engineers will be onsite quickly. XYREC operates from its headquarters in the Netherlands and for the North-American market from the XYREC USA headquarters in San Antonio/TX.