Transition Guidance

Adjustment of Facilities

Thanks to the design parameters of our solutions, organizations can likely use our robotic systems in their current operations. They replace existing manual process with similar preparation and finishing activities, and facilities only need to be adjusted to support requirements of the robotic system in power, cooling and nitrogen consumption. An operator room is needed to control and monitor the system while in operation. The necessary adjustments are known exactly and can be provided for planning purposes. XYREC can support the adjustments or execute the project work to get you operational.

Transition of Organization

Although our solutions replace current manual work with the same start- and endpoint, XYREC understands that implementation and adoption of the new work process is essential for its success. First, the system needs to be prepared for the job at hand. Then, the job needs to be executed. These steps in preparation and execution, are mainly performed from behind a desk, by choosing the right options in the computer interface. This human interface is specifically designed for coating and decoating experts, that have the specialized knowledge needed. All additional knowledge they need to have to operate the robotic system, will be available in a five-day training.

In case the operator is in doubt, the XYREC helpdesk is available 24/7 to support the job definitions remotely.

As the system is subject to change, the operations and particular processes need to be learned step-by-step. XYREC supports this process with program management, hands-by support, training on the job with supervising, and practical advice. In the site acceptance process XYREC supports the definition of the maintenance operations manual (part 145 of the handbook) for the strip- and paint-shop.