Our Strategy

Visionary Ownership

True innovation requires connecting ideas, budgets and industries. Our worldwide ecosystem of front running partners radically shortens development cycles and leverages the most recent advances in each field of expertise instantaneously.

The need for innovation can be found in almost any industry, yet many organizations find it hard to achieve the tangible results they aimed for. Especially organizations that operate on a niche markets and require very specific solutions to very specific challenges, such as the aircraft industry. Because it seems impossible to build a strong business case, innovation will often slow down or even come to a full stop.

XYREC thinks this is caused by the fact that many of these organizations still think and act in traditional, siloed ways, which makes it difficult to connect great ideas to budgets and manufacturers. They get stuck in optimizing their existing solutions, while their innovative potential remains largely unused.

As the technology is already fully available, there is a need for visionary ownership. To make the right connections and steer development. To translate existing challenges into tangible, future-proof and manageable solutions. To oversee the impact and the costs, and to offer challenging business cases.

XYREC changes perspectives by sourcing knowledge, resources and engineering from across industries and countries. This offers increased innovation power, supported by a global maintenance infrastructure.

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