Live-Demonstration of the Automation of a Current, Complex and Manual Process: The Direct Printing of the Livery of an Aircraft – A First Public Announcement Workshop

XYREC participates in the ZAL Innovation Days 2019 in Hamburg 27/28 of February 2019.

Currently the decoration of an aircraft is an intensive, manual job. Adding a decorative color needs the following cycle of activities: precise measured masking on the aircraft, spot color mixing, painting, drying, and finally unmasking. Aircraft operators demand increasingly complex logo’s and decorations, which results in increased aircraft parking time, increased use of paint hangars and more paint weight on the aircraft.

XYREC, in collaboration with Airbus, will demonstrate a new way to instant print liveries on aircraft. The robotic system will print a full and high-quality color picture of 3m x 1,5m on the fuselage of an Airbus A320, fast and precise. The brand-new prototype system can handle any design and is able to orient itself while printing on the rounded aircraft surface. The future of aircraft branding and decoration will be changed by this solution. It will shorten and fixate aircraft parking time, reduce and fixate paint hangar use, and lower the weight of paint on aircraft.

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