Laser Coating Removal Robot (LCR)

A World’s First

Today many maintenance depots and specialized paint shops remove paint and coatings from aircraft and helicopters by using methods such as chemical removers, abrasive sanding or plastic media blasting. These methods have in common that they are costly, time consuming, ergonomically unsafe, and produce large amounts of hazardous waste and emissions. Composite structures in new aircraft design will no longer allow the use of chemicals and the application of complex primers. Coating paint systems require more accurate and controlled methods that allow for selective removal of layers of paint without damaging the underlying layers.

The Laser Coating Removal Robot (LCR) is a state-of-the-art, sustainable, high performance paint stripping solution for all types of commercial and military aircraft & helicopters. The LCR outperforms current and future (planned) methods for ‘stripping/de-painting’ of aircraft.

Benefits and operational characteristics

  • 50% less processing time
  • 90% reduction in labour
  • Low operating costs, minimum maintenance
  • Applicable for both metal and composite structures
  • Applicable to all sizes of helicopters and aircraft
  • Applicable for all colours of paint and coating
  • Allow selective coating removal (just top coat, primer)
  • Clean, no chemical waste, No dust generation, no clean-up
  • Robot is fully scalable in size, speed and auxiliary options
  • Easy to operate, fast set-up, single operator
  • 15 Years lifetime, without major revision
  • 95% COTS based components for the robot construction
  • Minimum hangar/paint shop support facilities
  • Easy positioning system with no equipment in the bay
  • Robot utilization optimization by sequential use in 2 bays
  • Cooling energy can be re-used for heating or cooling
  • Compliance with the SAE MA4872A Standard on Thermal Stripping
  • Compliance with EU, US, SG, BR, UAE quality and safety standard
  • CO2 Laser application suitability already confirmed by USAF