XYREC proofs speed of paint stripping is commercially viable

The 29th of July 2021, after 2 years of product hardening of the LCR robot, a full stripping of a large piece of a B727 was executed. Objective was to demonstrate the speed of the process. And it proved: the minimum – slowest – effective paint stripping speed is 44 m2 per hour per 100 micron (4 mil) with 65 C max temperature (operating in a 32 C ambient temperature hanger).  This speed includes the robot repositioning motions. SwRI Structural Dynamics & Product Assurance Group confirmed this result. In standard operations, XYREC expects that the LCR will remove 40 m2 per hour per 180 micron (7 mil) with 80 C max temperature at 20 C ambient temperature – supporting the SAE MA4872A standard for thermal paint removal.

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