XYREC proofs speed of paint stripping is commercially viable

The LCR robot, stripped in full a large piece of a B727 fuselage. The objective was to demonstrate to its launching customer, the speed of the process. The test was successful and met their minimum requirements. The LCR stripped (100 µ ~ 4 mil) effectively at a speed of 44 sqm / 475 ft² per hour. This was done by not exceeding the 65℃ -150℉ maximum temperature, operating in a 32℃ -90℉ ambient temperature hangar.
The Structural Dynamics & Product Assurance Group from the Southwest Research institute, whom were on site during the testing, confirmed the results.

Given initial and additional results, XYREC and SwRI are confirmed that they are able to increase the stripping thickness to their projections. This will remove at least 180µ or 7 mil on 40+sqm / 430+ ft² per hour. At this removal rate, the requirements from the SAE MA4872A standard for thermal paint removal are still met. This means that the stripping may not increase the substrate temperature above  80℃ – 175 ℉.

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